Uphold杯 -易於攜帶、可循環再用的咖啡杯

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UpHold Cup

UpHold symbolises the magic of it upholding its own dynamics to carry a beverage and at the same time the coffee and tea produced by social enterprises worldwide that it so proudly upholds. The cup redefines what a portable beverage container can be and is not only ethical but sustainable.

The UpHold Cup redefines what a portable beverage container can be. Beautiful as it looks and simple as it seems, its form is in fact a mathematical triumph that is free from any decorative gimmickry. The design is starkly pure and minimal. The cup’s every edge and angle is precision engineered to allow its user to transform it momentarily between the “collapsed” and “extended” states with a couple of “twists”. Safe to carry hot and cold beverages and pleasant to hold without the need for insulation sleeves, the Uphold shall be the most compact, stylish, and user-friendly foldaway cup.



唐宇行 | 首席設計師

唐宇行畢業於倫敦大學學院建築係。他曾為著名建築師Zaha Hadid(扎哈·哈迪德) Future Systems工作,及後成立創作室Eravolution。他的作品贏得多個國際獎項,囊括透視『A&D』的『最佳傢俱』,『最佳綠色產品』,以及他被推崇為未來最有影響力的設計師之一的40驕子』獎項。2016年他更獲得香港設計師協會頒出『最佳設計教育家獎』。唐宇行現為『香港大學專業進修學院』建築系客席講師及『香港知專設計學院』創新傢俱設計系講師。